VTiger versus Sumac

A Direct Comparison of Sumac and VTiger

Sumac and VTiger offer a lot of similar capabilities around contact and income tracking. The big differences come with control of data and the system, long term scalability, and customization control. Many of these differences are due to the fact that Sumac is a propriety piece of software, while VTiger is open source.

Additionally, VTiger is much more powerful. It was designed to compete against SalesForce. Although it maybe isn't 100% equivalent to the incredibly powerful system, it is close and an order of magnitude more powerful than Sumac.

Below is a comparison of areas in which VTiger and Sumac differ. I have not compared areas where they are largely similar (such as useabilty, support documentation, or specialty modules such as project management).


Sumac Case Managment

VTiger CRM for case management


1 only with Silver; Unlimited with Gold


Report Customization

Somewhat limited – Bills hourly for custom reports


Total Records Allowed

1000 (Gold for more)


Custom fields

Only for contacts

Across all modules

Ability to Scale for Business Fund-raising

No capability

Virtually Unlimited

Email Integration

No capability

Able to email and mass email directly from system.

PDF File Creation

No capability

4 file types by default; additional available

Workflow Task Management

No capability

Extensive and powerful automated functionality

Document Storage

No capability. Cloud linking available.

Internal storage for most file types including JPG, PDF, Microsoft files and more. Cloud linking also available.

Advanced Customization

Only through Sumac

Open source community with free, paid packaged modules, and custom module creation available

Data ownership

Although owned by the client data is only accessible through Sumac

100% ownership and storage by your organization


Hosting by Sumac $25/month.

Free with own hosting

Per Month Usage

$40 - $80 per month

Free with own hosting

Initial set up

Variable cost

Essential Donor: $199 + $50 upload
Premium Donor: $349 + $50 upload

Typical 1st Year Costs

$780 - $1260 plus customization

$249 - $399 including customization

Typical Costs Ongoing

$780 - $1260 per year

$0.00 with own hosting

Report Customization: This is the ability to find, display, and download data for whatever purposes are needed. Examples of useful reports would be “All contacts with emails” for use in newsletter mailouts. Another would be a detailed list of all donations from Board Members. The ability to easily create reports for use in marketing, bookkeeping, and governance is invaluable.

Records: Each piece (or page) of information is a record. So an individual company is one company record, each listed employee at the company is a one contact record, each sales order or donation is another record and so on. Although 1000 records sounds like a lot, when you start adding all the people, companies, donations and other record types together, 1000 gets used up quickly.

Custom Fields: The ability to customize the information stored within the system is maybe the single biggest aspect of creating a truly flexible and usable system. Sumac allows limited custom fields (60) in the contacts module only. It is not possible to create custom fields in donations, campaigns, or any other modules except case management (which is limited).

Workflows: Workflows allow specific activities to automated. I have created two custom workflows right now that create To Do activities when a new donation is created to remind the user to send the Tax Receipt and Thank You if applicable. Workflows are great for ensuring that key tasks don't slip through the cracks.

Advanced Customization: Customization allows any piece of software to be scalable and adds to longevity over the long haul. Because Sumac is a private software developer, customization is limited ONLY to what they offer. VTiger on the other hand is open source. Open source software allows individuals and organizations around the world to create extensions available to anyone and also offer custom work at competitive pricing. Initially, ReFinds customized platforms have everything you need, but when/if the need arises for a very custom solution, the resources are out there.

There are literally hundreds of great extensions available for VTiger including MailChimp synchronization, Quickbooks synchronization and more. If what is needed isn't currently available, custom module and extension creation is available from numerous programmers around the world. Of course some extensions and modules are for sale, so aren't free, but such is capitalism.

The best way to see if if a VTiger case management system is right for you is to see it yourself. Contact us today to get a demo login to tour a CMS on your own.