VTiger Developer Solutions

Working with open source software is great. And one of the best things is the amount of community assistance is available out there. I don't claim to be a guru coder or even a top expert on VTiger. But I have discovered some solutions to common issues with VTiger 6.4.

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Uploading Documents

This seems to be an issue that is plaguing the community. I don't take credit for this solution. A friend of mine (who is an expert programmer) trouble-shot this for me and came up with a beautiful answer. It isn't a new module or band-aid or anything like that. Just four files will fix this for you and allow seamless, hassle-free Document uploading the way it should be. Solution!

Customizing the Login Page

When building an instance for a client, they tend to want it to look like theirs. A login page covered with VTiger branding doesn't feel super professional. Here's how you can change it. Solution!

Changing the Module Names

Organizations and users want to feel comfortable with the vocabulary of an application. Words count. With my non-profit clients, it was vital to change things like Leads to Applications, Contacts to Clients, and Sales Orders to Client Expenses (among others). There is an easy, although not intuitive, solution.