Website Design the ReFind Way

Creating Great Websites is About Communication

Obviously there are many technical aspects of creating and launching a website: choosing a domain name, building it using Drupal or WordPress, adding functionality, and much more.

But at least as much time is spent sorting out the goals of the site, choosing what functionality is required (ie. contact forms, blogs, polls), establishing benchmarks for completion and success, and finally providing learning resources to site owners so that they can continue to manage and grow their sites.

At ReFind we follow some simple rules with every website to ensure that it helps your business to grow.

  • A good website is consise. (But not too consise!)
    Your site should contain all the information that is pertinent, is of interest, and brings value to your customers. No more and no less. The goal shouldn't be to drown visitors with information. Rather, impress them with your expertise, products, and company, not by the size and complexity of your site.

  • A good website is easy on the eyes.
    Images, logical and consistant layout, easy to read typefaces, complementary colours... You want visitors comfortable while they roam.

  • A good website generates revenue for your company.
    Your site should attract new clients and help you to retain existing ones. If not, what's the point? This can be done by offering added value in the form of information and expertise, education about products and features, and most importantly having a call to action that allows you to continue and grow a relationship with the visitor.

With these ideals in mind, we then follow a collaborative process with you to create a site that works

Meet to establish overall goals for the site.

  • What is the target audience? What existing resources are available? What content will be used and who will provide it? How much time can be invested in the site? What can be done with the site to grow the business?

We then create a basic template of the site.

  • A home page and a secondary page. A colour theme. A typography theme (fonts for text, titles, links etc). Layout sketches of additional pages as needed including widgets, plugins, and modules. You then make changes as needed.

We build out the website.

  • [Insert mental image of Drupal hocus pocus.]

Private launch of your site!

  • Your site is launched, either to your existing hosting service or through ReFind. Although "live" it is password protected so that only those that you invite are able to view it.

Final review, editing and tweaking of the site.

  • Here's where you have a chance to play around with your new site, spot any changes that need to be made, make final decision regarding functionality. ReFind integrates the last changes and tries one last time to break it. Search engine activities are handled including Google submission, analytics installation and other arcane SEO magics.

Your website is opened to the public!

  • [Insert mental images of flying confetti, brass bands, and ribbon cutting.]

Most important of all... ReFind supplies you with everything you need to keep your new website healthy!

  • Documentation of all passwords, logins, and source files. Training manuals specific to your site such as how to add new products or services, post a new blog entry, respond to webforms and more. Learning resources on everything from formatting images for the web to SEO tactics.

Our goals at ReFind match yours. To create for your business a site that can be easily updated, can be found by potential customers, and generates revenue for you company. It's that simple.